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​Making our clients say YAY is front and center with everything we do when designing and planning vacations. We understand how important vacations are – they are for us too! Nothing is worse than being stressed and overwhelmed with planning a vacation only to arrive to an underwhelming experience. At Yaycations, our attention to detail, creativity, and network of travel experts will take any travel experience and elevate it to the YAY-worthy trip of your dreams!

At Yaycations, we serve our clients in many ways, with our focus lying on frequent travellers who see the value in having a long-lasting relationship with a travel consultant. Imagine walking into a new doctor every time you have a medical concern. They would not know you, your history, or your experiences. Chances are they might not give you the best service or worse misdiagnose you. This is exactly why Yaycations focuses on building and maintaining relationships with its clients. Travel with Yaycations once and we will know your airplane seat preference, twice and we will know your favourite drink or food. 

We take note of all the little details and after a few amazing vacations with us, you will see a level of customized service that you can’t get through an online booking engine. 

Are you ready to embark on your dream Yaycation? Then take the first step to your most memorable travel experience by contacting us today!

Meet owner Melissa Baum

Melissa is the owner and lead travel consultant at Yaycations who got her start in the travel industry in 2020. Previously she worked as a management biologist for Ontario where she managed large-scale data collection projects and conducted species at risk research.

Melissa loves to talk with clients (or anyone) about travel (or nature). She talks, thinks, and dreams about travel and will often spend a day researching dream-worthy destinations. Her best days are ones where she gets to book a vacation for herself or a client!


Yaycations proudly serves Parry Sound and surrounding areas for your vacation needs.

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