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My name is Michael McKegney and my wife Kyla, son Mack and I moved to Parry Sound last September to get away from the crowded city life. We were looking for a way to become ingrained into the local community, so decided to undertake a business venture and contribute something much needed to the area. We work with residents, community organizations, and businesses in Parry Sound on a Community Project that promotes the vibrant, local culture!
Our monthly magazine called Parry Sound Living highlights local families, community events, and promotes local organizations. For the people who live here it's a way to connect, check out what's going on around town, and share an interesting story. All of our content comes from the people who read it, so we actively encourage and reach out for people to participate.
For business owners, we offer a multi-channel branding solution through targeted print, online sponsored ads, as well as a sports platform and Google Listings. My aim is to not only gain you more exposure in the area helping to build your brand and reputation, but also save you money on your bottom line.


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