IG Wealth Management: Barb Kerr

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IG Wealth Management

IG Wealth Management: Barb Kerr

Barb Kerr, CFP, TEP, CDFA, RRC , Financial Consultant

With IG Wealth Management since 1993, Barb Kerr helps clients find the financial peace of mind they are looking for through all stages of their financial life.

My passion is to help clients find solutions they are comfortable with & understand, giving clients the confidence they need to make informed financial decisions.

I also believe in the importance of financial education & provide regular educational seminars.

Common questions I help with:
* Are investments properly positioned for your goals?
* Will your money last through your later years?
* What will your retirement income look like each month?
* Are all tax savings in place for inheritances?
* Are financial issues in place in the event something happens to you?


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