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CFO Alternative Inc.

Helping Business Owners fulfill their business plans successfully. Since 2003

We understand that in today’s market place, entrepreneurs typically have the vision and the drive to start and grow a company but usually they lack the time necessary to manage cash flow and profitability. An unfulfilled role in a business is a weak link and the weakest link limits the growth of a company. Entrepreneurs need to outsource the roles that are not their core competency.

We at CFO Alternative Inc. understand this predicament and so we offer the following services to help the entrepreneur fulfill their business plan successfully:

Prepare Financial reporting for the company’s accountant
Business Plans
Liaison with your accountant and you
Prepare monthly financial statements for company owners/management executives
Prepare management tools for the owners & management executives to be able to use for decision making/corporate direction and successful business plan deployment
Organize and implement accurate accounting procedures, custom designed to the organizations needs and abilities (keeping it simple & easy to use)
Credit & Collection Policies & Procedures and Execution of these policies
Logistics Management & Control
Customs Brokerage fee audit
HR Management
Job Costing
Cash Flow Statements


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